Aaron offers a variety of different show types all offered in both English and Japanese.

Aaron Jones Close Up Magic
Close-up Magic

Magic close up and personal. This type type of magic is famous for using cards coins and other everyday objects. These shows are great for restaurants, parties and other the events with many small groups of people for Aaron to perform for.

Aaron Jones Stage Show
Stage Show

Aaron stage show of magic is great for many kinds of events, from dinner parties weddings, and company parties. Aaron’s show has a great balance of Magic and comedy set to entertain any audience.

Aaron Jones Bar Show
Magic Bar Show

This show Aaron created for working at magic bars in Japan. A 45 minute set of both close-up magic and some stage magic. Created as a sit down show for both the magician and the audience.  Great for an intimate event of an audience size between 5 and 15 people.

For more information on these shows or a custom show please contact Aaron.